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Deerfield High School is a public four-year high school located about 25 miles north of Chicago in Deerfield, IL. It is part of Township High School District 113, which also includes Highland Park High School.

Deerfield High School opened its doors to 490 students and 39 faculty members in September, 1960. Students had previously been commuting to Highland Park High School. In 1958, the Board of Education decided to build a new high school in preparation for a population increase. A $4,250,000 bond issue was approved by voters to support the building and staffing of the school to be located on an 80 acre plot of land off of Waukegan Road in Deerfield.

The Marching Warriors

First School Newspaper - 1960

Board members considered four names for the new high school including Bannockburn High School, Deerfield High School, Highland Park High School West and Westfield High School. Deerfield High School was ultimately picked because a majority of the student body was from Deerfield. What’s My Name? was the title of the first school newspaper. Students held a naming contest and eventually landed on Deerprints.

In its first year, there was a freshmen and sophomore class. Three classes were in attendance the second year and all four by 1962.    

Enrollment peaked at Deerfield High School in the early 1970s around 2500 students.

In 1985, President Ronald Reagan’s helicopter landed at DHS. He was on his way to make a speech at Sara Lee.

In 2000, DHS and its sister school Highland Park High School underwent a $75 million renovation and expansion project. Deerfield received new science and art wings.

Deerfield High School currently has more than 1600 students enrolled and around 240 staff members. The facility houses about 60 clubs and nearly 30 sports teams. District 113 is accredited by the state of Illinois and the North Central Association and is a member of NACAC, IACAC, and the National College Board; and adheres to the NACAC Statement of Principles and Good Practice.

Deerprints Front Cover - 1969