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Do you know how to build a catapult? How about filter water?


Those were two activities at Deerfield High School’s Women in Engineering Day.

DHS recently hosted the program to try and get more female students interested in science, “We don’t have as many women students signing up for our AP Chemistry and AP Physics classes,” Judi Luepke, Science Department Chair, said. 
“So we kind of connected that to the idea of engineering. I want them to get a perspective on what engineering is about. It can be fun, it’s collaborative, and you are problem solving.”
Luepke reached out to the Society of Women Engineers at Northwestern for help. They sent three college students to DHS to run the program. Besides talking about their personal experiences with engineering, they were in charge of running different exercises.
“In one group students built water filters, in another group they made catapults, and the third group tested the strength of towers they built against the wind from a fan,” Luepke explained.
Click the video to get an inside look at WE Day and hear what students had to say about it.