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District 113’s Operation Snowball was a huge success this year. Seventy participants, 18 teen leaders, four teen directors, and nine adult volunteers attended the 2012 program at Camp MacLean in Wisconsin.
This year’s theme “Better Together” helped students understand the significance of community, surrounding oneself with positive individuals, and the benefits of working together as a team.
“Snowball provides students with a powerful and enriching experience that lasts a lifetime,” District 113 Snowball Director Kathryn Hinden said. “Participants leave the weekend retreat with new friendships, a better sense of self and others, and new found connection to their community.”
Through a multitude of activities including educational programs, workshops, team building, and small group discussions participants were able to better understand approaches to dealing with everyday adolescent concerns and how to make healthy choices. Students were taught that trying new activities and stepping outside of their comfort zones can be an incredibly rewarding experience when done in a supportive and nurturing environment.