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Dr. Doug Bolton, Josh Andre, Sue Smith, and Angie Pappas.
The North Suburban Special Education District Governing Board recognized former District 113 student Josh Andre at their meeting on January 9, 2013. Andre attended Deerfield High School his freshman and sophomore years and then attended North Shore Academy for his last two years of high school. Andre is currently a volunteer at North Shore Academy.
In a very moving presentation, NSA Principal Doug Bolton spoke of Josh Andre’s journey as a student, his warmth and charisma, and his true gift in supporting others with challenges similar to his own. 
Andre was recognized for the work he has accomplished on his own behalf, as well as the work he continues to do on behalf of others that enhances the Circle of Courage community at North Shore Academy.
Similarly, Angie Pappas was recognized by the NSSED Governing Board for her contribution to the NSA community as a teaching assistant in one of the classrooms.  Dr. Bolton commented that Ms. Pappas, a parent of a former student at NSA, is highly valued for her inner strength and clarity during the most complex situations.  During Andre’s senior year at NSA, Ms. Pappas provided leadership and stability in his classroom during a challenging time of transition.  Dr. Bolton added that this is the first time the Governing Board has recognized an NSA teaching assistant, which given how essential they are to the fabric of NSA, is long overdue.