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Approximately 1000 students from across the United States met in Chicago at the Fairmont Hotel in early December to simulate the workings of the United Nations at the annual CIMUN Conference.  This conference combines standard Model UN committee meetings with continuing crises in National cabinets. 
Deerfield represented the countries of Uganda and Austria for this conference, as well as playing the roles of Director of the CIA in the United States Cabinet, and the Prime Minister in the Russian Cabinet. 
This was the first time that Deerfield High School participated in CIMUN, and received Honorable Mention in the World Health Organization (Ryan Cenek and Mara Levy), and the designation of “Best Delegate” for the Director of the CIA (Michael Lee).
Congratulations to DHS Model UN CIMUN team for outstanding diplomatic contributions: Jordan Barhydt, Amelia Berger, Mark Briskee, Ryan Cenek, Zakaria Falouji, Max Feinberg, Marisa Flignor, Andrew Gordon, Arras Korogluyan, Ari Lackner, Michale Lee, Mara Levy, Michael Pattis, and Lily Zacharias.
The Deerfield Model United Nations Club is sponsored by Hilary Quagliana and Helen Crowley.