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School Chest 2012 is going to go down in Deerfield High School record books. Students raised an incredible $135,393.17. The money is all being donated to the LUNGevity Foundation.
School Chest co-chairs Graham Ambrose and Samantha Gottstein broadcasted the grand total to the entire school on Thursday.
“On behalf of the entire School Chest operation we would like to thank all of you, the students, the community residents, and the faculty members who made this operation amazing,” Ambrose said.
Students erupted into screams and cheers when the fundraising total was announced, hugging and congratulating each other on all of their hard work.
Each year Deerfield High School chooses a different charitable organization for their annual three week fundraiser. This year DHS selected an organization with local ties. LUNGevity was founded in 2001 by seven lung cancer patients including a Deerfield High School graduate and a Deerfield mom. LUNGevity raises awareness and funding for critical research.
“Warriors you rock,” Jill Feldman, LUNGevity representative and DHS mom said during Thursday’s broadcast. 
“You have given lung cancer a voice. What is just three weeks to you will make a difference for so many years to come and as a lung cancer patient that gives me hope. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”