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  Ian McEwan Bookworm Interview
  Ian McEwan New Yorker Profile
  Jorie Graham-Michael Silverblatt Interview
  The Master and Margarita Middlebury College
  Berlin Wall Photo Essay
  Berlin Wall A Photograph
  Literary Terms and Definitions
  More Literary Terms and Definitions

 English Department


Jeff Berger-White
Office Location: E-107

Phone: 224-632-3125





A.P. Senior English Open HouseAttachment 
by Berger-White, JeffNo presence information
 9/11/2014 12:47 PM
Soph Survey Open HouseAttachment 
by Berger-White, JeffNo presence information
 9/11/2014 12:47 PM
On Language 
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 8/28/2012 6:16 AM

“Amid chaos of images, we value coherence. We believe in the printed word. And we believe in clarity. And we believe in immaculate syntax. And in the beauty of the English language.”   —William Shawn


 Blindness and Vision

Writing Questions Why Read the Classics.pdfWriting Questions Why Read the Classics
Next Syllabus Theories of Reading (Revised).pdfNext Syllabus Theories of Reading (Revised)
Writing Questions Cadwal and Polydore.pdfWriting Questions Cadwal and Polydore
Nabokov Good Readers and Good Writers.pdfNabokov Good Readers and Good Writers
Student Models Noetbook Entries.pdfStudent Models Noetbook Entries
Last Thoughts Summer Reading.pdfLast Thoughts Summer Reading
Preparing for the Open Question.pdfPreparing for the Open Question
A First Syllabus Repeated Casts.pdfA First Syllabus Repeated Casts
Summer Reading Letter Aces Wild Cards.pdfSummer Reading Letter Aces Wild Cards
Memorization Entering the Critical Conversation.pdfMemorization Entering the Critical Conversation

 Character and Fate

Writing Questions Swamp Boy.pdfWriting Questions Swamp Boy
Writing Questions Fog Man.pdfWriting Questions Fog Man
Writing Questions Swallows.pdfWriting Questions Swallows