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 Grade-Level Calendars

DHS Counseling Program - Freshmen.pdfDHS Counseling Program - Freshmen
DHS Counseling Program - Sophomores.pdfDHS Counseling Program - Sophomores
DHS Counseling Program -Juniors.pdfDHS Counseling Program -Juniors
DHS Counseling Program - Seniors.pdfDHS Counseling Program - Seniors

 Upcoming Events

8/26/2014 1:00 PM   Transfer Student Orientation 
8/26/2014 1:00 PM   Orientation for Parents/Guardians of Transfer Students 
9/2/2014 5:45 PM   College Application Process for Seniors with Special Needs and Parents/Guardians 
9/2/2014 7:00 PM   Senior College Night for Seniors and Parents/Guardians 
9/4/2014 9:30 AM   Freshman AM Parent/Guardian Meeting 
9/9/2014 9:05 AM   Senior Class Meetings with Counselors 
In extended homeroom.
9/18/2014 7:00 PM   Transition to High School Meeting for Freshmen, Parents/Guardians 
10/1/2014 7:00 PM   Diversity Family Partnership 
10/21/2014 5:30 PM   Choices College Fair for Students with Disabilities at Vernon Hills HS 
11/4/2014 7:00 PM   Diversity Family Partnership 
(More Events...)