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 Health Services


Maralyn Kolze
Certified School Nurse

Phone: 224-632-3201
Fax: 224-632-3206


Maralyn Kolze, Certified School Nurse, and Pat Rossi, Administrative Assistant,  staff the Deerfield High School Health Service.  Hours on regular school days are 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
Quality patient care is a top priority.  The Health Service is an extension of the students’ academic day and as such, each interaction provides an aspect of “patient teaching” as we strive to promote health and wellness.
If your child has a known health condition (asthma, diabetes, allergies, anaphylaxis, etc.) please provide our office with the proper medication and materials to treat your child effectively in the event of an emergency.  With written parental/guardian and physician authorization, we will gladly administer Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen as ordered.  We have stock supply of both.
Please feel free to contact us at 224-632-3200 if you have any questions.
Health & Wellness to All!



 Support Staff

PRossi@dist113.org224-632-3200Administrative Assistant

 Incoming Freshman 2016-17

Welcome Letter 2016-17.pdf
Welcome Letter 2016-17 (Spanish).pdf
Checklist 2016-17.pdf
Checklist 2016-17 (Spanish).pdf
Health Exam Form.pdf
Health Exam Form Top Portion 2016-17 (Spanish).pdf
Procedures for Administering Medications 2016-17.pdf
Procedures for Administering Medications 2016-17 (Spanish).pdf
Permission to Administer Medication 2016-17.pdf
Emergency Information Form 2016-17.pdf

 Health Services Documents

Auvi-Q Recall.pdfAuvi-Q Recall
Illinois Certification of Religious Exemption Form.pdfIllinois Certification of Religious Exemption Form
Immunization Best Practice and Guidance Document.pdfImmunization Best Practice and Guidance Document
Dist 113 Concussion Information.pdfDist 113 Concussion Information
District 113 Health Data.pdfDistrict 113 Health Data
School Code of Illinois.htmSchool Code of Illinois
Permission to Administer Medication.pdfPermission to Administer Medication
Vision Exam Letter.pdfVision Exam Letter
Eye Exam Report Form.pdfEye Exam Report Form
Eye Exam Waiver Form.pdfEye Exam Waiver Form
Diabetes Medical Management Plan.pdfDiabetes Medical Management Plan
Seizure Action Plan.pdfSeizure Action Plan
Food Allergy Action Plan.pdfFood Allergy Action Plan
Bee Sting Allergy Action Plan.pdfBee Sting Allergy Action Plan
Concussion Fact Sheet.pdfConcussion Fact Sheet
Asthma Action Plan.pdfAsthma Action Plan

 Information-Chronic Health Conditions

 Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis
 Proper Use of an Epipen
 Proper use of Auvi-Q


 Information on Respiratory Illinois Due To Enterovirus D68
 Health News - Web MD
 Lyme Disease
 First Aid for Seizures
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention A-Z Index
 Mayo Clinic Information