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Monday, August 15, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016



  Naviance Family Connection

 College & Career Resource Center (CCRC)


                                Kim Wiley​                               Kristen Doktor​
​                         College Counselor                     College Counselor
                           224-632-3061                           224-632-3050

                                Nicole Debnar                      Wendy Prado
                          CCRC Specialist                        Admin Assistant      
                           224-632-3062                           224-632-3060        

CCRC Main Line
: 224-632-3060
CCRC Fax:  224-632-3703
Office Location: 



College Rep Student Sign Up Process 1516.pdfCollege Rep Student Sign Up Process 1516
Seniors - Application Information 1516.pdfSeniors - Application Information 1516
Transcripts - Parchment Instructions 1516.pdfTranscripts - Parchment Instructions 1516
Seniors - CCRC Resources 1516.pdfSeniors - CCRC Resources 1516
Seniors - CCRC Program Descriptions 1516.pdfSeniors - CCRC Program Descriptions 1516
Seniors - CCRC Workshops for 1516.pdfSeniors - CCRC Workshops for 1516
College Counseling Programs 1516 - All Grades.pdfCollege Counseling Programs 1516 - All Grades
Juniors - DHS College Timeline 1516.pdfJuniors - DHS College Timeline 1516
Juniors - CCRC Resources 1516.pdfJuniors - CCRC Resources 1516
Juniors - CCRC Program Descriptions 1516.pdfJuniors - CCRC Program Descriptions 1516
College Counseling Appointments for Juniors 1516.pdfCollege Counseling Appointments for Juniors 1516
Juniors - Class of 2017 Distribution 5th Sem.pdfJuniors - Class of 2017 Distribution 5th Sem
Seniors - Class of 2016 Distribution 7th Sem.pdfSeniors - Class of 2016 Distribution 7th Sem


College Application Organizer 1516.docxCollege Application Organizer 1516
College Representative Visits Information .pdfCollege Representative Visits Information
DHS Recommendation Waiver.pdfDHS Recommendation Waiver
DHS Website Explanations.pdfDHS Website Explanations

 College-specific programs & scholarships

Juniors - College Bound Opportunities (CBO) Application.pdf
Scholarship Cheat Sheet 15-16.pdf

 Financial Planning

Soph, Jr - Dist. 113 Financial Aid Night 03-2016.pdfSoph, Jr - Dist. 113 Financial Aid Night 03-2016
FAFSA Changes for 2017-2018 FAQ.pdfFAFSA Changes for 2017-2018 FAQ
FAFSA Changes for 2017-2018.pdfFAFSA Changes for 2017-2018
Seniors - Financial Aid Night Presentation 01-2016.pdfSeniors - Financial Aid Night Presentation 01-2016



 College Bound Athletes

NACAC’s Guide for Student Athletes and Their Families.pdf
NCAA Informational Program PowerPoint Feb 2016.pdf
NCAA Informational Program Video Feb 2016.pdf
NCAA Program Handout-Recruiting Terms and Calendar Feb 2016.pdf


Junior Parent-Guardian AM Meeting - 01-2016.pdf
Junior Parent-Guardian AM Meeting - 02-2016.pdf
Junior Parent-Guardian AM Meeting - 03-2016.pdf
Junior Parent-Guardian AM Meeting - 04-2016.pdf
Junior Parent-Guardian AM Meeting - 05-2016.pdf
Juniors - College Night Presentation 11-2015.pdf
Senior Parent-Guardian AM Meeting 01-2016.pdf
Senior Parent-Guardian AM Meeting 09-2015.pdf
Senior Parent-Guardian AM Meeting 10-2015.pdf
Senior Parent-Guardian AM Meeting 11-2015.pdf
Senior Parent-Guardian AM Meeting 12-2015.pdf
Seniors - Check-Out Handout 1516.pdf
Seniors - College Night Presentation 09-2015.pdf
Sophomores - College Night Presentation 05-2016.pdf